Tour of Practices


The Benton SWCD and NRCS office recently held a conservation tour to highlight some of the work that has been done in the county in the past year.

Forty Four people attended the tour, including County Commissioners, Little Rock Lake Assocation members, Federal and State Representatives, U of M Educators, MPCA, MDA, Benton County Planning Commission, and SWCD Supervisors.  During the day we met with landowners to see conservation projects and shared thoughts on what issues were taking place and how the projects helped correct the problem.  We also stopped at various sites to look at the projects that have been completed or are in the process of being completed.  Other highlights included:

  • Stream monitoring presentation
  • Presentation at the Mighty Axe HopsTM farm
  • Northeast St. Cloud and Elk River Watershed Water Quality presentation durning lunch
  • Feedlot projects in progress
  • We looked at erosion control and Conservation Reserve Program projects done in Benton County


In addition, during the tour the District and NRCS staff discussed Federal and State Programs, Water and Sediment Basin, Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), Feedlots, Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP), Soil Health, and Cover Crops.


 Photos from the tour:

   2017 Tour - Jon Hansmeier - Manure Spreader 22017 Tour - Jon Hansmeier - Manure Spreader 6







  2017 Tour - Water Quality Demo - 192017 Tour - Water Quality Demo - 10







 2017 Tour - Water Quality Demo - 262017 Tour - Nathan on the bus








 2017 Tour - Mighty Axe Hops - 6 Eric Sannerud



 2017 Tour - Mighty Axe Hops - 5







 2017 Tour - Kelly on the bus 12017 Tour - Mighty Axe Hops - 8









 2017 Tour - Amanda - Lunch presentation - Elk River Watershed Water Quality 12017 Tour - Jake Gohl - 8









2017 Tour - Jake Gohl - 102017 Tour - Mark Czech - 1  Pat







2017 Tour - Mark Czech - 17



2017 Tour - Mark Czech - 25







2017 Tour - Mark Czech - 26