Benton County Local Water Management Plan

What is a Water Plan?

In 1977 Minnesota was stricken by drought conditions that nearly rivaled the infamous drought of the 1930s. That prompted the Legislature to seek ways to better manage the state's water supplies, which led to the enactment of the Comprehensive Local Water Management Act (Minnesota Statutes sections 103B.301 to 103B.355) in 1985.


The act encourages counties outside the metropolitan area to develop and implement comprehensive water management plans. While the plans are voluntary, various state and federal grants require recipients to have an adopted local water management plan that is updated periodically (between 5 and 10 years). These local plans focus on priority concerns, defined goals and objectives, and measurable outcomes.


Purpose of the Benton County Water Plan

The purpose of the Benton County Comprehensive Local Water Management Plan is to:

  • Identify and address existing and potential issues for the protection, management, and development of water resources and related resources in Benton County
  • Identify priority concerns to be addressed during the effective time frame of the plan
  • Develop goals and implement actions that improve water quality and quantity and related resource management and planning in Benton County


Water Plan Documents

2011-2018 Water Plan Amendment

2008-2018 Water Plan

2008-2018 Water Plan Appendix

2008-2018 Priority Concerns Scoping Document