Mississippi River (St. Cloud) MWRPP

The 10 year watershed cycle for the Mississippi (St. Cloud) Watershed began in the spring of 2009 under a separate project. Field work for the biological and water chemistry, referred to as Intensive Watershed Monitoring or IWM, was completed in 2010. In 2010 the Elk River Watershed Association (ERWA) became the Local Project Coordinators for the remaining tasks associated with the MWRPP.


Miss St. Cloud MWRPP


Efforts have been focused towards project planning, coordination and completing Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) studies on the lakes currently listed as impaired, stream monitoring, and development of a civic engagement/outreach plan. The aforementioned activities have resulted in the compilation of existing water quality data from within the watershed, development of a project stakeholder list, and the listing of key watershed projects and local water planning elements that should be factored into the watershed project. The main outcome of the project will be the final deliverable of an implementation plan that will prescribe restoration and protection strategies for the surface water resources within the Mississippi (St. Cloud) watershed.


A number of TMDLs were completed with the Major Watershed as part of this project. This included a TMDL for the main bay of Donovan Lake in Benton County. Donovan Lake was listed as impaired by the MPCA in 2010 for aquatic recreation due to nutrient/eutrophication biological indicators.


For additional information, documents, and resources, please visit the ERWA's Mississippi River (St. Cloud) MWRPP webpage.