Little Rock Creek TMDL

lrc watershed map

Map of the Little Rock Creek Watershed.


Little Rock Creek is a DNR designated trout stream (Class 1A Brook and Brown Trout). Since 1907, portions of Little Rock Creek have had a self-sustaining population of Brown Trout, but in the early 1990s DNR Fisheries surveys noted a decline in trout populations.


Little Rock Creek has been determined as impaired for lack of coldwater fish assemblage and was included on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) 303(d) list of Impaired Waters in 2002. The Little Rock Watershed is 67,650 acres and is nearly evenly split between Benton (36,060 acres) and Morrison (31,620 acres) counties. The watershed is made up predominately of fine sandy soils.


Benton SWCD has conducted the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) study in three phases. The first phase included the collection of historical data; phase two wrapped up at the end of 2009 with stream monitoring and data collection resulting in the completion of a Stressor Identification Report. This report identifies any type of stressor or combination of stressors that cause biological impariment. A stressor is any physical, biological, or chemical entity that can induce an adverse response. Stressors identified for Little Rock Creek include:

  • Sedimentlrc cr40
  • Temperature
  • Nitrates
  • Dissolved Oxygen


Phase three began in late 2010, with Benton SWCD contracting with Barr Engineering to complete the modeling required for the TMDL report. The TMDL report is being developed for the stressors identified (Sediment, Temperature, Nitrates, and Dissolved Oxygen). This is being accomplished by calculating the total pollutant load with reference to flow as the source of impairment.


In early August 2012 both the Technical Advisory Committee and Little Rock Watershed Stakeholder Committee met to review the first draft of the Little Rock Creek TMDL report. Since that time the draft TMDL report has been reviewed and edited by Benton SWCD and the MPCA. Later in September 2012 the draft TMDL report was sent to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for preliminary review. The draft TMDL report was available for public comment from February 4th through March 6th, 2013. After receiving public comments, the draft TMDL report is being revised before submittal to the EPA for final approval.


An Implementation Plan was also be developed to address the Little Rock Creek stressors and their sources in conjunction with the Implementation Plan for the Little Rock Lake TMDL. All TMDL-related documents and newsletters can be found on the Little Rock Creek Documents/Data page. More information on the Little Rock Creek TMDL can be found on the MPCA's Little Rock Creek TMDL page.


Project Contacts

Gerry Maciej
Benton Soil & Water Conservation District
14 2nd Avenue West
Foley, MN 56329
(320) 968-5300 Ext. 3


Maggie Leach
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
7678 College Road, Suite 105
Brainerd, MN 56425
(218) 316-3895


Greg Wilson
Barr Engineering
4700 West 77th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55435-4803

(952) 832-2672


Little Rock Watershed Technical Advisory Committee

Gerry Maciej, Benton SWCD
Jeff Hrubes, BWSR
Dan Lais, DNR
Greg Kruse, DNR
Nick Proulx, DNR
Glen Champion, DNR
Luke Stuewe, MDA
Chuck Johnson, MPCA
Joe Magner, MPCA
Kevin Stroom, MPCA
Mark Evenson, MPCA
Stephen Thompson, MPCA
Lance Chisholm, Morrison SWCD
Josh Hanson, NRCS

Lisa Vollbrecht, City of St. Cloud
Evan Driva, DNR
Jeanette Leete, DNR
Steve Marod, DNR
Adam Birr, MDA
Andrew Streitz, MPCA
Jeffrey Jasperson, MPCA
John Sandberg, MPCA
Kimberly Laing, MPCA
Phil Votruba, MPCA
Helen McLennan, Morrison SWCD
Pat Gehling, NRCS
Lori Stevenson, USFWS



Little Rock Watershed Stakeholder Committee

Joe Wollak, Benton County Commissioner
Bernie Thole, Benton SWCD Board
Ed Popp, Langola Twp (Benton)
Chuck Popp, Graham Twp (Benton)
Diane Wojtanowicz, Watab Twp (Benton)
Lawrence Thell, Mayhew Lake Twp (Benton)
Guy Spence, Little Rock Lake Association
Ken Nodo, Trout Unlimited Asccociation
Don Meyer, Morrison County Commissioner
Marvin Stangl, Morrison SWCD Board
Ray Sieben, Buckman Twp (Morrison)
Robert Stuckmayer, Morrill Twp (Morrison)
Jeff Tiemann, Bellevue Twp (Morrison)
Brent Czech, New Heights Dairy
Rick Schlichting, East Central Irrigation Association